Before we find out about Tesla Share Price and where it will go, let us go through some quick facts about Tesla.

Tesla, that is the American automotive and energy company is known for its electric cars. It is believed that Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla.

However, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning are the real founders of the automotive brand. Elon Musk joined them later as Chairman.

Tesla Inc is already worth (market cap $100 billion) more than the famous automobile company Fiat and three other Japanese brands known in the automotive industry.

These companies are Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Isuzu, and Tesla is worth more than all of these famous car companies.

Tesla’s stock has become the most shorted in the US again, data from financial-analytics firm S3 Partners show.

So what does it means for the share price now?

Tesla stock price using 20MA and 40MA

Technically, Tesla’s share price is still on an uptrend. There is an old saying: “The Trend is Your Friend.”

So if you have bought the stock you should still be holding it and place a trailing-stop price.

So where should be the trailing stop price? I will use a tool called TradersGPS, it is a software that I’ve invented to assist me in my trading.

Teslan share price using TradersGPS

Looking at the chart, if you could see the red dotted horizontal line, it is, in fact, the line in the sand for my trailing stop.

Currently, it is at 493.75, this is information based on the 31st of Jan. This trailing stop will continue to move up if the uptrend continues.

Incidentally, using the same system, it has also helped me to determine when to buy the stock itself. I simply use the green arrows for entries.

By simply using this system signal, I entered the stock at $236 on the 11th of Sept 2019 and continued to add 2 more positions along the way. (We only add to a max of 3 positions in a single stock)

From the first entry price, I made a total of 147.36% based on the system.

This is a  new update on the 6 Feb, after the doji candle 2 days ago, the price drop quite quickly yesterday. A Doji candle represents indecision. Looking at the price movement, we are likely to have a correction. The 20 and 40MA will continue to guide price up. The uptrend is still intact so long as the price is above the 40MA.

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So back to the Tesla share price, hold on to Tesla if you already bought and wait for a dip around $540 to get in you have not bought any.

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Update 6 Feb 2020