STI (TradersGPS)

STI (TradersGPS)

Some ask my on my facebook group , how did I know that on 31st July that funds are exiting and that market is going to be bearish. Easy.. just look at my TradersGPS. TradersGPS is a software that take the pain out of reading charts and analyzing stocks. It is like having your own personal analyst beside you.

For STI in late Jun , we see that the TIF is red indicating trend-less, on the 30th July, the STI breakdown and red arrow appear to short. On top of that, the TIF shoot up. This indicator a very impulsive wave down. That is why on 31st I mention that fund were exiting. Notice the COM was also below 0 indicating downtrend.

Knowledge, skill and values are all important to be a good trader. Seek to be a good trader rather than on making money. If you want to know more I urge you to join us in one of our free seminars which I will go into details on how to read the chart.

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