best swing stocks


Hello everyone!

Here’s this week’s webinar from Collin.

He was talking about selecting best swing stocks and some updates about the US and Singapore stock markets.


Below we also follow up on our ComfortDelGro trade which we closed off at a decent profit.

And also I’d like to share what the TradersGPS indicated to us on one of our major blue chip counters!

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Our final exit was at 3.32 giving us a decent profit on a full position.

Good trade guys!

ComfortDelGro great trade!

ComfortDelGro great trade!



The TradersGPS has been indicating shorts on the TradersGPS since the middle of May.

So even if you didn’t manage to catch this trade short, at least you would not be holding on to this counter from $12.30 until it made a recent low of $9.22!

TradersGPS guides us easily through Citydev's chart

TradersGPS guides us easily through Citydev’s chart


Trading with the TradersGPS takes a lot of the work off your shoulders, while still giving you clear instructions in these tough markets to keep you safe and collecting profits.

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Good trading folks!