Disney buys over FOX

Disney buys over FOX


Who would have thought that a company which started off producing children’s cartoons, would become such a heavyweight in the entertainment industry almost a hundred years on.

Disney buys over FOX for 52.4 billion, in one of the most high profile purchases as this year comes to a close.

The markets in general have continued their run higher.

There is acknowledgements all around from global Central Banks as they began tightening slightly.

The markets are not yet reacting to this yet, not with any sustainable moves at least.

Barely even with any volatility.

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The market continues its slow grind higher.

It’s contending with the 3450 level now, so the next milestone level for it would be 3500.

STI grinds higher

STI grinds higher



Still no exit signal yet, so be patient and follow system.

You should have taken some profit around this $1.35 area already, so it’s all profit from here on out.

Genting, be patient and follow system

Genting, be patient and follow system


A few things have been setting up, these are a few of the counters which look interesting.

Sembcorp Marine

It’s the stronger of the 2 sister companies.

It has done a retracement and seems to be making moves higher again, candles have turned blue.

Wait for setup.

Sembcorp Marine looks ready to continue higher

Sembcorp Marine looks ready to continue higher



seems like continuing downtrend.

The major support area from a long time ago is being tested now, it doesn’t seem to be providing much support.

2nd valid signal, so we can observe for entry trigger today already.

Potential move down to around $1.70 level, possibly lower in time.

Comfortdelgro 2nd valid signal, waiting for trigger

Comfortdelgro 2nd valid signal, waiting for trigger


Wing Tai

Wing Tai also looks like it wants to continue moving higher, candles have turned blue.

Taking a rest from the strong move it made coming up to here from around $2.15

It may also come back to test the $2.22 area again before moving higher.

Nevertheless, watch for signal.

Wing Tai looks like it's trying to move higher as well.

Wing Tai looks like it’s trying to move higher as well.


Recent the graduates in the facebook group have been talking about US stocks.

There are also a few counters which are interesting but their setups have not matured yet.

Namely we have our eyes on Valeant Pharm, Netflix and Alibaba.

However remember, follow the system and wait for trigger.


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Good trading folks!