STI forecast 3100

STI forecast 3100


STI has reached 3100 today!

Seems like amidst the global economic uncertainty, caused by Brexit and Trump at the helm of USA, investors are looking at emerging markets.

Highlighted this STI level before Christmas 2016 in this post here, when price had not yet broken 2950.

After STI closed above 3000, 3100 was in our sights, noted in the post here.



STI forecast 3100 has been reached today, uptrend is still in tact, so stick with your longs.

3150 next on the cards if we can hold above 3100 next week.

STI forecast: 3100 reached!



GLP made another move higher, we’re nearing a previous swing high at $2.86

Sit tight and wait for the offers to come in, I’d like to see it reach $3.00, is that too far?

Let’s watch some fireworks fly!

GLP stretches for $2.86

GLP stretches for $2.86


Sembcorp Ind

Doing a pretty deep retracement, some may have exited with the trough line broke, that’s entirely up to you.

It has been a good move, we have good profit since our entry just above 2.91

If you’re still in, follow the system, this $3.08 area should have some support.

Sembcorp Ind, are you still in for the ride?



We cleared $9.6, next level to challenge would be $9.88, if STI keeps going, likely we’ll see it.

After that we’ll be looking for $10 once again!

OCBC stretches for $2.88



Like I said at the start, it’s a slow moving trend.

Be patient and follow system.

Slow moving trend, be prepared for a long ride



Taking a bit of a breather.

Sit tight and follow system.

Patience, follow system


There you have it, good trading folks!