You’ll notice recently some buy signals from the STI component counters, many will resemble the STI, approaching a longer term resistance.

I would not try to load up too many at this point because it is still unclear if STI can break through resistance and continue, but it’s good to have a bit of exposure.

We will have opportunity to add more as things get clearer.

Things are getting pretty interesting overall.

Seeing a few counters doing retests of previous support/resistance, if those hold, can prepare to get in them if they pop up on the scans.

Let’s take a look at the few counters we have been tracking, and also one interesting result of our most recent scan, Sembcorp Industrial!



Seems to be stalling at this level, but the US markets just keep going higher.

The US markets could pull us up in the short term, however we are still at risk of falling into a recession here.

STI Stalling?

STI Stalling?



An inaccurate news report sent most casino counters tumbling, but recovered when the error was discovered and clarified.

Looks like it can continue its journey higher.

Genting got a scare!

Genting got a scare!



Does seem to be losing steam. 2nd arrow entry not triggered as well.

Be nimble.

Time to take our money and run?

Time to take our profits and run?



Taking a breather now. Resistance up ahead at 9.45, clearing that should give us 9.6

But be aware that if the STI falls off, likely OCBC, as a component counter, will be dropping as well.

OCBC taking a break, resistance ahead.

OCBC taking a break, resistance ahead.


Sembcorp Marine

It’s not moving as well as Sembcorp Industrial, a real test of patience to follow the system.

Here's a real test of patience, slow mover.

Here’s a real test of patience, slow mover.


Sembcorp Industrial

Fresh off the Friday scans!
Looks to be stronger than its sister counter Sembcorp Marine.
2nd Valid signal and looking good.
The bullish impulse is strong and overall move is more trendy with few overlapping candles.
This 2nd signal occurs right into a resistance level, but the momentum is strong so it looks like it will clear this level.

Sembcorp Industrials 2nd valid signal.

Sembcorp Industrials 2nd valid signal.



Still taking a breather as well, as are taking a break near a resistance level, which was previously a support.


GLP resting, should continue up.



Doing a retracement, it is up against a longer term resistance area afterall.
Follow system.


Venture hitting longer term resistance area.



Short triggered, 5 days after the signal, so it’s a bit hard to say if you will want to be on this trade.
I believe it will be a good hedge in case STI falls off, but we will see.

ThaiBev looks like it has some downside potential.

ThaiBev looks like it has some downside potential.


Good Trading Folks!