Proprietary Trading Model VS SPY 500

What you’re seeing here is a long-term proprietary trading model that we’ve developed and back-tested over a long period of time.

This model yields an average annualised return of 9.31% over 26 years.

It handily outperforms the S&P500 with significantly less drawdown. (4 times in fact!)

This will allow you to beat most fund managers hands down.

Here are the results of the model (Since 1993):

The model factors in many different components and considerations such as the treasury yield spreads, rate of change and much more.

Here’s how to use this fantatastic tool on this page.

Refer to this page once in a while.


  1. We will issue a buy and sell signal here whenever the model tells us to.
    (We will update the status of this model here on a daily basis. The model has 3 states, either Buy, Hold or Sell.)
  2. Buy or Sell the SPY (SPDR S&P500 ETF) accordingly. You may use leveraged ETFs or other instruments if more aggressive.
  3. That’s it!

Proprietary Trading Model that Outperforms SPY Buy and Hold