avoiding losses


The majority of talk about trading is always centered around how to make profits.

Because every body wants to see their account balance grow right?

But there’s one very important factor which might get drowned out by all the shouting about generating profits.

Growing your account balance is also about how to keep the profits you’ve made, by not losing it back to the market!

In trading, that means reducing losses, like by avoiding the bad trades.

The rules in a good system will enable you to filter out those bad trading setups.

Just like how the TradersGPS did for us in a couple of counters listed below.

If you’d like to know how to filter out the bad trades,

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Seems like we have a rejection from the highs for now.

Let’s see if the 3400-3450 area will hold us up.



$2.39 resistance

With an average entry of about $2.18, we’re up a little over 10% on a full size.

Can take a bit of profit off around this level.

As indicated in the previous post, it’s the first resistance area.

Otherwise, just sit tight and be patient.

Also can tighten up stoplosses to about $2.31

ComfortDelGro still going strong.

ComfortDelGro still going strong.



There’s been a slight upward drift eversince last year.

We seem to be breaking 3 year highs.

We have our first valid signal, leading to the break of those 3 year highs.

2 attempts later, we are back under those 3 year highs.

Price is currently back under the first signal’s trigger level.

While it’s tempting to enter now, wait for the next valid signal to enter SIA.

Worth paying attention to.

SIA is worth paying attention to.

SIA is worth paying attention to.



This is the first of the bad trades which TradersGPS managed to steer us clear away from.

Hyflux used to be a darling blue chip company.

But the price charts turned sour, a long time before it lost its darling status.

Recently, this counter has made some very steep drops since November 2017.

TradersGPS picked up on it and signaled shorts since the start.

This keeps all long term investors, out of his counter and safe from the huge drops.

Even on Hyflux’s 6% perpetual securities which are publicly traded, the TradersGPS has indicated not to buy and can keep you safe from potential default.

Hyflux chart gave clues not to buy.

Hyflux chart gave clues not to buy.



Another popular counter which has fallen from favour.

It halted trading in late 2017 and only resumed again recently in mid-April 2018.

Imagine if you had been invested in this counter back in 2017, how much do you wish you could have avoided investing in this stock right?

TradersGPS picked up on Ezion’s downtrend early 2017 and gave clear signals to us NOT to buy this counter.

Ezion halted for a long time...

Ezion halted for a long time…


Simple rules in our system keep us out of harm’s way.

Click here to learn how to avoid bad trades.


Good trading folks!