Michael Covel Interviews Collin Seow


If you have taken a moment to look into Trend Following, Michael Covel is a name you’ll likely have come across.

The World-famous author of the incredibly popular books such as “Trend-Following” and “The complete turtle trader”, his work brings greater understanding of this style of trading, to a huge portion of the active investors community around the world.

Michael Covel’s books have featured among the most successful traders and fund managers in the world, such as Ed Seykota, David Harding and Larry Hite just to name a few.

Michael Covel now runs a website where he interviews successful Trend Followers, as well as people who have contributed in some way to the study of Trend Following, from all across the world.

His interviewees include prominent names in the industry, from Nobel prize winners to trading psychologists to prominent traders and fund managers.

Just a few weeks ago, Covel approached Collin to do an interview and just last week, they made it happen over Skype!


Collin in his usual jovial manner, provides deep insight not just into trading, but into the Singaporean society as well.

Tune in to Collin’s nuggets of wisdom as he discloses how his trading journey has broadened his perspectives, which brought him so much success.


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