It’s raining money


Did you have a good ride on Hong Leong Asia?

Congratulations traders!

It’s time to look for the next big winner!

The signal was generated by the TradersGPS system, if you don’t know what that is yet,

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Climbing with laboured breath.

So it wasn’t a parabolic move afterall, we have done a bit of a pullback.

We gapped right up into 3150 and traded lower since.

Possible support around 3100 and 3050.

The market’s been running up for some time.

Assuming trend stays as our friend, we’re looking for 3210 then 3250 next.

STI reacting to 3150

STI reacting to 3150



Typical “buy the rumour, sell the news” scenario?

Straitstimes ran an article from bloomberg on 28th Feb, that GLP is said to be inviting 3 groups to do their due dilligence.

This is the same day GLP made a big drop.

Lots of profit since our entry ard $2.20+

No fear, follow system.

You can read the article here

GLP profits are in the pocket, no fear!

GLP profits are in the pocket, no fear!


Sembcorp Ind

Benefitting from sembcorp Marine’s good financial results.

We have locked in some profits already, so just follow system.

Sembcorp Ind follow system

Sembcorp Ind follow system



Still inside this area.

STI has reached 3150 and traded away from it, today approaching 3100 where we could find some support.

Do follow system on this trade.

OCBC still inside this area.

OCBC still inside this area.



Not so good now, it is reacting to the previous swing high, but no strong bounce.

Get ready to let go of this position

MM2 be ready to let this one go

MM2 be ready to let this one go



Following system, we let go of this one around $0.96

Small hit from our initial entry at $1.00

Well managed trade!

Let’s move to the next trade!

Japfa well managed trade!

Japfa well managed trade!


Hong Leong Asia

Gap down and closed low.

Generally not a good sign so I hope you exited your positions.

If not it’s still not too late.

Our initial half profits from a full position were taken easily above 1.30

Entries were much lower, worst entry would be roughly where price is not.

Depending on your exits, you’ll see a solid 15-25% returns on this trade on a FULLY loaded position!

Good trade everyone!

If you still want to keep any position on, please follow system and don’t let a profit turn into a loss.

Hong Leong Asia: locking in gains!

Hong Leong Asia: locking in gains!



As previously cautioned, Cogent turning down from resistance, I hope you took some profits.

If you have any position remaining, follow system.

Cogent follow system

Cogent follow system


Relax and look out for opportunities.

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Good trading folks!