Formula series

(Special treat at the end of this article, but you must read through the article first to get the maximum benefit!)

This is one of the flagship gaming chair series from DXRacer, with the largest range of models(35+ models!) and colours(12 colours!) to choose from.

“If Herman Miller is the Rolls Royce of gaming chairs, then DXRacer is certainly the Ferrari of gaming chairs.”
– Anonymous


That’s what I’m going to find out!

But first, why the interest in gaming chairs?

Have you noticed the obscene amount of time we spend on a chair in front of the computers, be it for work or play?

We probably spend about the same amount of time awake on a chair as we do asleep in bed. .

Considering a comfortable bed costs thousands, gaming chairs are a steal for the comfort they provide in our waking hours!



Aesthetically the coloured accents and trimmings on the seat, make it look uncanningly like a car seat taken straight out of a Fast and Furious movie!

Here’s what it looks like:

DXRacer Formula series chair

DXRacer Formula series chair


From the decorative plastic inserts at the base of the chair, to the fully adjustable armrests, to the cushion lining the length of the backrest.

The whole chair aims to provide you with unparalleled comfort and even a feeling of safety as the chair hugs your back and the reliable armrests will be there just when you need it.


After purchasing one, you can choose to have the DXRacer representative to assemble the chair for you. Otherwise you can assemble the chair by yourself within 20 minutes with the simple instructions. Easy!

I didn't take a picture before mine was assembled, so here is a picture I found online.

I didn’t take a picture before mine was assembled, so here is a picture I found online.



It’s difficult to convey how comfortable it feels to sit in this chair. Every aspect of the Formula series gaming chair was designed ergonomically.

You could recline this chair and sleep in it all night!

The chair cushions are made of high density mould shaping foam, offering very firm support.

The seat has a wide sitting area with a very comfortable thick cushion to sit on, with soft edges.

Very suitable if you like to curl your legs up onto the chair and relax in the seat to a good movie or watch a game of Dota2.



This chair doesn’t just look good, it solves your bad sitting posture as well.

The DXRacer armrests are adjustable in various angles for the comfort of your elbows.

This means your elbows will be at your perfectly comfortable angles to avoid the nasty wrist strains when typing for long periods of time.

Included with the chair is an adjustable lumbar cushion to support your lower back. It’s not just for comfort, for people suffering from lower back aches and pains, this will help you immensely!

Being able to lean back at a steep angle while maintaining strong stability, you could take a restful nap in this chair.




The chair has 5 legs instead of the usual 4, set into a very sturdy aluminium base.

The weight of the chair is a hefty 22kg which makes it very stable. You could recline back as far the chair will let you and not

feel like the chair would tilt over.


Dear readers,

Here is the special treat, this amazing chair comes with a fairly hefty price tag of $399 SGD.
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Good luck and thank you everyone!