Dr Patrick Liew

Yes you read that right.

Collin recently did an online webinar interview with Dr Patrick Liew, famous for sharing how to own a property with little or no money down.

It’s a bold claim, sounds incredible?
It is, it is incredible that this man is sharing all of this amazing and invaluable insight with everyone.
In addition to sharing the concepts, he’s able to back it up with the latest up to date examples of his property purchases as well.

Okay Okay, back to the topic, owning a property with No Money Down?
I know what you’re thinking, “it’s not possible!” or is it?

As a matter of fact, it is very possible, many of Dr Patrick’s students have done it over the years.

More importantly, it is especially possible right now in the current crisis period, for YOU.
There were some skeptics in the room, but I’d say they were well satisfied with what they heard.

Before diving into the video, here are a few of the basics of property investment to get you up to speed.


Buy value

This means getting properties at prices which you have a very good chance to make money on when you sell. Dr Patrick Liew shares a couple of examples where you can find such properties.


Create value

This is much easier to do with a property than with a company of the stock you just bought last week.
This is because you have a lot of control over the property. You are the owner. The Boss.
Dr Patrick gives some really good examples of what you can do with a property to raise its value instantly.
Once you create value, naturally you can sell your house for a higher price.



This is the external factors which would affect the price of your property in future.
Usually if the government or private developers are upgrading amenities or building new infrastructure around the area, it’s very likely that the prices of property in the area are going to increase once these upgrades are rolled out.


The Master Plan

Which brings us to a very interesting tool which allows us to predict the future.
The URA Master Plan is Singapore government’s outline of how they wish to develop the land in our little country.
Learning how to read this master plan will basically enable us to predict the future of developments in an area. And that means getting into the market early at a lower price 😉

So there you have it, you’re all set for the interview video.
Just click this link and start on your journey to owning a property with little to no money down.


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