setups maturing


As mentioned in past posts, there are some interesting setups with price consolidating towards the end of the year.

We are now seeing some of those setups breaking out of the consolidation to give us fresh signals.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these setups.

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Still going strong as we trade above the 3500 level easily.

STI going strong

STI going strong



We exit at 2.04

Well managed trade!

Frees up capital to get in the next winner.

ComfortDelGro well managed trade!

ComfortDelGro well managed trade!


Wing Tai

Be patient and follow system.

No signal yet.

Wing Tai be patient and wait for signal

Wing Tai be patient and wait for signal


Keppel Corp

This is another counter looking to continue its uptrend.

We see a strong move off the consolidation lows right up to the highs.

We will stalk it for long signals.

Keppel Corp one of the setups maturing.

Keppel Corp one of the setups maturing.



Just highlighting because this counter is doing something interesting.

We can clearly see there’s some interest to buy off around the $1.55 area.

Both times that this level was tested, we saw strong moves away from the level.

This time it’s less aggressive than the first.

Ideally we see an entry signal above 1.95 because remember our philosophy of buy high and sell higher.

Right now it is still within the range formed since early 2017.

Yanlord reacting off the $1.55 area again

Yanlord reacting off the $1.55 area again



This is another good setup.

Price has been in a strong uptrend, formed a flag retracement pattern in November and December.

Now the signals are breaking out of this flag pattern.

The counter triggered the first 2 signals in the first days of the trading year.

We will now stalk it for the 3rd entry signal.

UOL we're waiting for the 3rd signal

UOL we’re waiting for the 3rd signal


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Good trading folks!