maintain your focus
One of the biggest single day drops in the markets we’ve seen in a while.

Good to see some volatility coming back into the markets.

Of course, it caught some of our positions, but that’s part and parcel of trading.

After that immense drop in US, you should have exited or scaled out of your long positions.

As noted in our community, record your observations from this event and learn from it, then move on.

Move on to focus on finding the next opportunity, and the next opportunity, and the next opportunity…

It’s so important to be part of a community, to support you and remind you of what you should be doing.

The value is less apparent during peaceful markets, but it becomes very clear during challenging times.

And you’ll be glad for it.

Don’t trade alone.

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We took a tumble, but still in the 3350-3450 consolidation area.

Might stick around here a while, don’t be too eager to get into positions.

You can consider using the Swing trading strategy to play the markets.

STI tumbles

STI tumbles


Wing Tai

Big drop off, exit at $2.25 for a 4.9% loss on the position.

Well managed trade!

Wing Tai big drop

Wing Tai big drop



No trigger, so we stayed out of this one.

UOL no trigger, loss avoided!

UOL no trigger, loss avoided!



Venture loses its all time highs… for now.

Should be looking to exit after that drop, so around 22.50, which translates to about a 2.6% loss

Venture loses its all time highs... for now.

Venture loses its all time highs… for now.



We had 2 positions in, which results in roughly a 6.7% loss on this position.

YZJ is our largest loss this period.

YZJ is our largest loss this period.



Exiting after price gapped down, we take about a 4.2% loss on this position.



Overall 4 small losses which will not be difficult to come back from.

Unexpected events can happen any time, we need to be able to control our risk such that we can always come back stronger.

If you’d like to learn how to minimize losses in unexpected events

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Good trading folks!