By trader, I’m referring to those full-time financial traders who manage their own money, not the traders at financial institutions.

Let’s take a look at this other breed of trader and how dating him could be what you’ve been missing in your life.


1. He takes care of things.

To be able to make enough for monthly expenses and such, his trading capital will be of a decent size. He also buys and sells large amounts of value each day with a single mouse click. He needs to make decisions which tend to have large and very immediate consequences. All these decisions he makes are firstly to protect his trading capital and then to grow it. So he is trained to take care of you too.

2. He can live with his decisions.

If he’s right, he’s right, if he’s wrong, he’s wrong, no matter what, he moves on to look for the next opportunity. This forward thinking attitude will serve you well in building a life with him. He can recover from failures or setbacks. Because of this mindset, you’ll be assured your relationship with him can only keep growing.

3. He is patient.

He only enters the market when there’s an opportunity. Different trading styles identify with different types of opportunity. So he doesn’t just take any opportunity that comes along, he only takes the opportunities which he’s comfortable with. So he would spend hours keeping an eye on the markets, patiently waiting for the opportunity. If he misses it, no big deal, he waits for the next one, because he knows opportunities will come again. Similarly, he will be patient with you, probably wouldn’t rush you while waiting for you to get ready for that movie starting in 10 minutes across town. You can catch the next movie, or take the opportunity to do something spontaneous.

4. He has a higher degree of time freedom.

Trading from home is like running your own business. and a lot of time is spent waiting for opportunities, so u can set alerts and do other things around the house like taking care of the kids. This means he’s got more time to be your husband! You can continue your day job while he stays home to take care of the kids and house.. maybe. 😉

5. He can see and recognize opportunity.

Just like trading, you’ll be sure that when it comes to buying the house or car, he’s looking for an opportunity instead of mindlessly spending his money.

6. He admits he’s wrong, then works it out with you later.

It’s like being in a trade where the market is against you, first step is just to admit you’re wrong before you can find a solution.. and really do something about it. So you won’t need to wait long for an apology, but you will definitely need to talk things through with him afterwards.

7. He has a plan.

That’s right ladies. Trading requires a lot of planning, so that if unexpected things happen, he doesn’t get stuck trying to figure out what to do. He doesn’t turn into a deer in headlights. He looks at the trading plan and rules.

Similarly, he has a plan for your relationship, it won’t be a cruise to nowhere.

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