US Tax bill passed!


It’s been an eventful end to last week as we now officially step into the holiday season.

The US tax bill passed finally on our Saturday afternoon, after hours long back and forth debates.

It’s December, so time to take it slow, but keep your portfolio nimble.

I’m choosing to be light in this month.

Hi-P has closed in good 20% profit, so we only have Genting now.

A few other counters are beginning to catch my attention, but still early so I’ll share them when the setups mature a little more.



STI is still struggling to hold on to the highs.

But the uptrend is still in play, don’t be too quick to pick a top.

STI struggling to hold highs

STI struggling to hold highs



I posted in a previous blog post here, that we can look to take some profit around the $2.00 level.

It gave that opportunity 2 days later, reaching a high of $2.00 so it’s ok if you got out around 1.95 even.

We got the exit signal at $1.74

So total profit for this trade would be around 20%.

So great trade everyone!

Hi-P out for average 20%!

Hi-P out for average 20%!




The 3rd signal for this trade is right into a major resistance area.

In my previous post here, I mentioned that we should consider taking some profit around the 1.35 area which price was in.

No exit signal yet, so we continue holding the remaining position.

Let’s see if Genting can go further.


Genting is at an area of resistance now.

Genting is at an area of resistance now.


Usually we don’t use the TGPS system on reits.

But recently we have got a lot of reits popping up on our scanner, so I thought I’d just remind you guys that Reits are the NOT ideal candidates for TGPS.

If you insist on trading a reit, then please do your own due dilligence.


Welcome to the holiday season!

Good trading folks!