With the STI breaking away from the range it was caught in and now heading higher, one of our long positions is still struggling a little, Wing Tai Holdings.

Wing Tai Holdings is essentially an investment holdings company with a focus on Asia, with assets exceeding $3.9 billion.

Did you know, their diverse portfolio ranges from property, commercial and residential, hospitality, retail and fund management.

The residential and commercial property developments are in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Besides developing property, Wing Tai also provides up-market serviced apartments in those countries.

Wing Tai’s retail portfolio in Singapore and Malaysia is impressive, with the likes of G2000, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Adidas, Uniqlo just to name a few.

Will Wing Tai be swept up together with the rising market tide?

Or will it be left behind caught in the net of impending higher borrowing costs and the severe slowdowns of physical retail?

Time will tell, but what we need is to be sure of which side of the fence we are sitting on at any time.

For us, TradersGPS provides a clear view of where we should stand.

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Uptrend still in play, didn’t see a test to the 3280s even.

Today we’re seeing a drop to test previous swing high ard 3320.



Dropping today just like the STI.

General direction is still up so sit tight.

OCBC run away train ride

OCBC run away train ride


Wing Tai

Attempting to go higher, but really struggling.

Wing Tai has a nice website, you can find out more about them at Wing Tai’s website here.

Be patient and follow system.

Will Wing Tai rise with the market tide?

Will Wing Tai rise with the market tide?



Trailing stop wasn’t triggered, though it was very close.

No harm lightening up on this position if you think you are too fully loaded.

Otherwise, just sit tight and follow system.

ComfortDelGro manage your positions.

ComfortDelGro manage your positions.



Bit of a retracement going into the weekend.

Again stops weren’t triggered but it was close.

Be patient and follow system.


China Aviation

Trailing stop has been triggered, we’re out with a small 5% loss on a partial position.

The big drop yesterday was tell tale sign that things aren’t right with this counter.

Well managed traded!


There you have it, most positions are still waiting to move so we need to be patient and act accordingly.

Knowing what to do at every second of the trade is critically important.

That’s where TradersGPS can help you.

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Good trading folks!