This week the 3250 holds STI captive still.

However, there is another market which no price has managed to hold yet.

Back in July 2016, after Brexit, we noted in a blog post a massive inverted head and shoulders pattern on the FTSE100.

You can view the post here, where we state the target of 7350.

Take a look at where it is now.

FTSE100 reaches target

FTSE100 reaches target


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In the short term, the mood seems to have changed for the STI.

We are held by the 3250 area for now.

3250 holds STI captive

3250 holds STI captive



By now it should be a small portion of your original position.

So you can let go or follow the trailing stop.

Hi-P running small position

Hi-P running small position



As usual, there’s always a twist to a good story that everyone already knows.

The Financial Times released a report that there was a bidder led by a GLP insider, which made it pointless for external bids.

The article can be found if you google:
Private equity players turn their back on GLP’s landmark asset sale

Another article by Straits Times with a statement from GPL, gives more detail here.

By all accounts, we should exit this position already.

This also highlights the importance of taking profits, with the majority of position out near 2.90, we are still near by.

With a good profit buffer, you can continue to hold and see where this counter is going.

But as of this moment, the news is making this counter too speculative, we can call this trade to a close.

Great trade since triggered entry at $2.23!

GLP drops on news

GLP drops on news



OCBC follows the STI fairly closely.

Found support around the 10.50 level, looks good as long as that level holds.

Last line of defense is around $10.20 to lock in profits.

Otherwise, just sit tight and follow system.

OCBC be patient and follow system.

OCBC be patient and follow system.



We’re back at testing the previous high at $36.90

If you’ve managed not to take any profit along the way, now is a good time to consider taking some.

Be patient and follow system.

TSM consider taking some profit if you haven't already done so.

TSM consider taking some profit if you haven’t already done so.



As mentioned in the previous post, we should be taking some profit here into the $1.00 level, likely you’d be out around $0.98

Trailing stop has triggered, so small profit from $0.95 but good trade!

Price can potentially find some support around the $0.95 area again.

Can watch for next signal.

Cityneon small profit but good trade!

Cityneon small profit but good trade!



Candles have turned read and are down at the $1.80-85 zone mentioned in previous post here, where it could find some buyers.

Let’s see if it finds any support around this area to give us a fresh round of signals.

Right now the reaction does not seem to be strong.

Sunningdale watch for a reaction here

Sunningdale watch for a reaction here


So that’s another 2 profitable trades done, great job everyone!

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Good trading folks!