Hello everyone!

This week Collin shares a list of scan results for today (26 October 2020):

Position Trading Long

Prior Position Signal Long
DDOG 12 Oct
CRWD 31 Aug
MRVL 31 Aug
WDAY 25 Aug
ZM 24 Aug
HZNP 18 May


Weekly Swing Long

Prior Weekly Swing Long (Take Profit Progressive)
REGN 28 Sept
AMD 28 Sept
MSFT 28 Sept

Prior Weekly Swing Short (Take Profit Progressive)
LHX 24 Aug

Long Term (1-2Years buy more when drop)
H78 (Support Level)
0045.HK (Support Level)
700.HK (Support Level)
ETH Jul 2020

Cautious going into US elections
Solar stocks like Solaredge and Enphrase Energy
Hedge 50%

Click the picture below to watch the video and find out more.

Enjoy the video!

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