Hello everyone!

This week Collin shares a list of scan results for today (25 January 2021):

Position Trading Long

Prior Position Signal Long
ESTC 18 Jan
TENB 4 Jan
NVCR 7 Dec
ETSY 30 Nov
NUAN 20 Nov
CREE 20 Nov
AMAT 19 Nov
ZG 9 Nov
GRMN 2 Nov
FTCH 26 Oct
Prior Position Signal Short
Weekly Swing Long

Prior Weekly Swing Long (Take Profit Progressive)

Prior Weekly Swing Short (Take Profit Progressive)

Long Term (1-2Years buy more when drop)
STI Apr 2020
H78 Jul 2020
0045.HK Jul 2020
700.HK Jul 2020
ETH Jul 2020
SPCE 19 Nov 2020
FEYE Jan 2021

S&P500 PD Blue, PW blue
Hedge 30%

Click the picture below to watch the video and find out more.

Enjoy the video!

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