Hello everyone!

This week Collin shares a list of scan results for today (11 January 2021):

Position Trading Long

Prior Position Signal Long
TENB 4 Jan
NVCR 7 Dec
ETSY 30 Nov
NUAN 20 Nov
CREE 20 Nov
AMAT 19 Nov
ZG 9 Nov
GRMN 2 Nov
FTCH 26 Oct
Prior Position Signal Short
Weekly Swing Long

Prior Weekly Swing Long (Take Profit Progressive)
NFLX 30 Nov

Prior Weekly Swing Short (Take Profit Progressive)

Long Term (1-2Years buy more when drop)
STI Apr 2020
H78 Jul 2020
0045.HK Jul 2020
700.HK Jul 2020
ETH Jul 2020
SPCE 19 Nov 2020
FEYE Jan 2021

S&P500 PD Blue, PW blue
Hedge 30%
Nas 100 and SPX
STI getting bullish…

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Enjoy the video!

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